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The rich Jamdani sings a sad song

9 Apr

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“He  may be illiterate, because he does not know the mechanical jaunts of  maths from a school boys point. But he is definitely performing the mathematical equation on the loom in colors.”   As told to me by a relative whose ancestors were weavers.

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replicating the chessboard on a sari:pasapalli

5 Jun

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Jamdani – Intricate weaves and skilled weavers.

26 Apr


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It takes a decade and more to become a skilled jamdani weaver .

tends to the sheep and weaves blankets – from Karnataka, a Gorava

3 Mar

:image credits: Suyog Gaidhani.

The shirt is not part of his traditional garment.

Tangkhul Naga, Manipur

12 Feb

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"The tangkhul Naga shawl of Manipur is a thick cotton shawl worn by men and woven by women in striking bands of rust and blcack. The bands may vary in width and the ends of the shawl are often decorated with brilliantly coloured extra wefts"  Uncut cloth, by Askari and Arthur, Merrel Holberton Publishers.

… an everyday chore for many

16 Jan

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tana bana from chanderi

31 Dec

image credits  … and this is  happening to weavers from chanderi

baluchari saris and story telling go together.

24 Dec

weaved in certain parts of bengal, the weavers weave stories  from the epics of mahabharata and ramayana on the yarn. the art is passed on from one  generation to the other . …today only a few remain. the weavers are the designers and the designers are the weavers.

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image credits and for more pictures at : the sari shop at portland

Will handloom saris be a thing of the past ?

8 Dec


Both the images from The sari shop. Read the story here

hand on the loom again and again, the kid looks on ..

15 Oct


and the chulah in the background where she cooks her food. her utensils worn out after years of cooking. life still goes on, on the loom

image credits : moruoak