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she wears chatta and mundu.

12 Apr

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“chatta and mundu ” is the traditional dress of syrian christian woman in kerala.

“thalel oru thortum, oru kailiyum udut njan ravele eranguum meen veekyan”he said in *malyalam.

14 Sep

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 translated : wearing towel on the head and draping a ( a cloth which measure  2.5 meters is called kaili) i leave in the morning to sell fish.

* malyalam = is a language spoken in kerala

“oh yes, i still spin to make coir. and it is not easy.”

12 Aug

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Every part of the coconut is used. it is a major industry and sustains many livelihoods.

women wear *settu mundu

18 Jul

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* settu mundu traditionally worn by hindu women from kerala.

the men wear *mundu

18 Jul

image credits :Thaha

*mundu, a white cloth draped around the waist, which covers the waist to the ankles