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The rich Jamdani sings a sad song

9 Apr

Check this picture on  Flicker

“He  may be illiterate, because he does not know the mechanical jaunts of  maths from a school boys point. But he is definitely performing the mathematical equation on the loom in colors.”   As told to me by a relative whose ancestors were weavers.

Read this at Daily Star : Poetry in Thread: The Jamdani of Dhaka



Ghungat and Ghupshap…

25 May

image credits

Ghungat = covering your head with the sari.

ghupshap =  chit chat.

In the rural villages in india, some still   go to the nearby river to wash their clothes. Among other  chores of the day, washing at the river enables  socialization for women .Year after Year, on most days  they meet at  the same spot.

A teacher to her kindergarten class:Who brings the milk ?

6 Sep

milkman2image  credits Royal Enfield


milkman3image credits Indiafullbright

Read: Indian Adventures with Milk by odzer – the rural and the urban perspective.

Amir Mukhtar Mughal posts an image here

Coming up.. a glass of chaas and fresh butter.

13 Mar


image credits:the last wanderers by randhawa.

chaas =butter milk /lassi.

the bat, the ball, the wicket.. the social fabric of of our lives

1 Nov

 I searched through flicker to find a befitting picture to depict how the sport cricket is weaved into indian lives. satish vijaykumar of gladly shares this picture. Thank You Satish.