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Jamdani – Intricate weaves and skilled weavers.

26 Apr


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Read the story of the weavers here

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It takes a decade and more to become a skilled jamdani weaver .

tends to the sheep and weaves blankets – from Karnataka, a Gorava

3 Mar

:image credits: Suyog Gaidhani.

The shirt is not part of his traditional garment.

… an everyday chore for many

16 Jan

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super woman in Orissa

6 Jan

image credits  -she depicts – strength, forced resilence, beauty. her baby lies strong in her arms. if she is not a role model than who is ?

Rural India : This is as real as it can get

3 Dec

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punjab brings to you phulkari

12 Nov

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abhinaya: an indian art form

5 Nov


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The most beautiful things are created in humble surroundings

29 Oct


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hand on the loom again and again, the kid looks on ..

15 Oct


and the chulah in the background where she cooks her food. her utensils worn out after years of cooking. life still goes on, on the loom

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kandanghi sarees : a gift from women weavers of chettinad

8 Oct

chettinad saris2chettinad

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