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wearing her own weaves is but a dream..

19 Aug

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Uncut cloth: a turban, a shawl, a saree.

2 Apr

In the gir forest, a woman from the maldhari tribe.

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Wiki says this about maldhari’s

of topis … and more topis.

19 Jun

: image credits :  generally known as gandhi topi.

:image credits:  from Nepal

:image credits:  from himachal pradesh.

:image credits: The color of the cap indicates more than color ! Writes Sun!l Parashar in his notes on flickr

:image credits: Popularly  worn by people of Sindh in Pakistan

more topis:

Originally from Iran, who are known as parsis   have been living in india for centuries now  wears this topi.

From Nagaland:

From Tibet:

..commonly worn by the menfolk in the southern part of the country.

12 Jun

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replicating the chessboard on a sari:pasapalli

5 Jun

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Jamdani – Intricate weaves and skilled weavers.

26 Apr


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Read the story of the weavers here

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It takes a decade and more to become a skilled jamdani weaver .

imprinting their ideas in needle and thread

18 Apr

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can you recognize which tribe in orissa these women belong to?

she wears chatta and mundu.

12 Apr

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“chatta and mundu ” is the traditional dress of syrian christian woman in kerala.

shari .. One uncut cloth – many ways.

7 Apr

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..the ombudhu-gajam madisar

7 Mar

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ombudhgajam means nine yard

The Madisar is the style in which the sari is worn by the Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu