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Mekhela Chador, traditionally worn by women from Assam

4 Feb

kavita writes on rituals from assam in My room at blogspot. Enlarge her pictures for more Mekhla chadar.

:image credits:

“i am young and nimble. i create jamdani weaves, which you enjoy.”

23 Dec

image credits: Tipu Kibria

* jamdani is a traditional weave of bangladesh and bengal.

” i am weaving the pankhi”

13 Nov

image credits: aunty blanca

panki also called the pashmina shawl is weaved in theĀ  kumaon, Garhwal and the upper ranges of uttar pradesh.

“take *notes on how to create an ikat”

13 Aug

image credits:gurdassingh

ikat is one of the traditional weaves originated in orissa.