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Uncut cloth: a turban, a shawl, a saree.

2 Apr

In the gir forest, a woman from the maldhari tribe.

:image credits:

Wiki says this about maldhari’s

india lives in its villages

13 May

image credits retlaw snellac

tends to the sheep and weaves blankets – from Karnataka, a Gorava

3 Mar

:image credits: Suyog Gaidhani.

The shirt is not part of his traditional garment.

Tangkhul Naga, Manipur

12 Feb

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"The tangkhul Naga shawl of Manipur is a thick cotton shawl worn by men and woven by women in striking bands of rust and blcack. The bands may vary in width and the ends of the shawl are often decorated with brilliantly coloured extra wefts"  Uncut cloth, by Askari and Arthur, Merrel Holberton Publishers.

super woman in Orissa

6 Jan

image credits  -she depicts – strength, forced resilence, beauty. her baby lies strong in her arms. if she is not a role model than who is ?

impressions of the mind..creations by hand.

1 Sep


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Coming up.. a glass of chaas and fresh butter.

13 Mar


image credits:the last wanderers by randhawa.

chaas =butter milk /lassi.

From the yarn to the walls she keeps the beauty flowing

2 Feb


image credits : The last wanderers

the last of the wanderers..

18 Jan


.. is  a highly specialized way of life.

images from the book : the last wanderers by randhwa.

chaklas, the rabari womans forte

24 Dec



Do the colors and  patterns compensate for the dreary, arid surroundings as they pass through their nomadic way of living ?

Each pattern is a story. They are the songs and tears of life .

( these images are from a book — i saved the images  and returned the book to the library noting down the author and the book on my paper where i make notes, now only to be missing ) if anybody recognizes the work of the photographers i will credit them.)