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The most beautiful things are created in humble surroundings

29 Oct


image credits: retlaw snellac

there is no one way of dressing up in india

11 May

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paint me, said the walls and the woman did.

10 Mar


And the walls were happy

pictures from the book: the last wanderers

the gujjar woman on the trail…

10 Mar


pictures from the book the last wanderers.

notes :these nomads rear buffaloes and sell milk migrating seasonally to the plains in winter.

ghumar..ghumar…ghumar she dances.

3 Nov

 she holds a chari on her head and a lighted lamp is placed in it..

popular in the kishengargh region of rajasthan.

Thank You prerna

“oh yes, i still spin to make coir. and it is not easy.”

12 Aug

image credits:imaginedp

Every part of the coconut is used. it is a major industry and sustains many livelihoods.

” i am a farmer. the harvest is over, and i am collecting hay for the animals.”

11 Aug

image credits:freebird robinson

i live in leh. the himalayas protect me and i cover my head in reverence.

23 Jul

image credits: deepti naval

my fingers in alta, my waist in kamar band, with kajal in my eyes and my red bindi.. it only gets better.

22 Jul

image credits : iaac

can you hear my *chudi ?

20 Jul

image credits : suz kosh

*chudi = bangles