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Unstitched drapes : Sustainable and always a source of inspiration

4 Sep

Image credits  :  Kunbi sarees/sari  from Goa

there is the saree, and then the half saree

8 Sep

image credits :

not familiar with the half saree ? the woman in the centre wears it.  half saree/sari is  mostly worn by girls once they reached 14-15 years.  and most common in the southern part of the country..

The half saree , a atraditional way of dressing , always preluded the saree,  is almost on its ways to extinction. the salwar kurta  takes its place  and is considered more forward looking, even in the rural areas, where the tatters of traditional garments still had its last looks until recently

replicating the chessboard on a sari:pasapalli

5 Jun

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india lives in its villages

13 May

image credits retlaw snellac

Jamdani – Intricate weaves and skilled weavers.

26 Apr


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Read the story of the weavers here

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It takes a decade and more to become a skilled jamdani weaver .

shari .. One uncut cloth – many ways.

7 Apr

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..the ombudhu-gajam madisar

7 Mar

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ombudhgajam means nine yard

The Madisar is the style in which the sari is worn by the Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu

..from the garden to your cup: An assamese tea leaf picker.

28 Jan

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P is for Paithani Sarees – A 2000 year old heritage

22 Jan

Image Credits.   Another picture here.

… an everyday chore for many

16 Jan

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