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Ghungat and Ghupshap…

25 May

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Ghungat = covering your head with the sari.

ghupshap =  chit chat.

In the rural villages in india, some still   go to the nearby river to wash their clothes. Among other  chores of the day, washing at the river enables  socialization for women .Year after Year, on most days  they meet at  the same spot.

india lives in its villages

13 May

image credits retlaw snellac

“i am young and nimble. i create jamdani weaves, which you enjoy.”

23 Dec

image credits: Tipu Kibria

* jamdani is a traditional weave of bangladesh and bengal.

the bat, the ball, the wicket.. the social fabric of of our lives

1 Nov

 I searched through flicker to find a befitting picture to depict how the sport cricket is weaved into indian lives. satish vijaykumar of www.bombaylives.com gladly shares this picture. Thank You Satish.

“thalel oru thortum, oru kailiyum udut njan ravele eranguum meen veekyan”he said in *malyalam.

14 Sep

image credits: thaths

 translated : wearing towel on the head and draping a ( a cloth which measure  2.5 meters is called kaili) i leave in the morning to sell fish.

* malyalam = is a language spoken in kerala

“take *notes on how to create an ikat”

13 Aug

image credits:gurdassingh

ikat is one of the traditional weaves originated in orissa.


originally from tibet now the bhotias stays around the himalayas.

9 Aug

image credits :http://www.flickr.com/photos/deviji/160234674/