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shari .. One uncut cloth – many ways.

7 Apr

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baluchari saris and story telling go together.

24 Dec

weaved in certain parts of bengal, the weavers weave stories  from the epics of mahabharata and ramayana on the yarn. the art is passed on from one  generation to the other . …today only a few remain. the weavers are the designers and the designers are the weavers.

Read more here :http://colouroftherain.blogspot.com/2008/02/baluchari-of-bengal-sari-or-work-of-art.html

image credits and for more pictures at : the sari shop at portland

“i am young and nimble. i create jamdani weaves, which you enjoy.”

23 Dec

image credits: Tipu Kibria

* jamdani is a traditional weave of bangladesh and bengal.

i use the *gamcha to cover my head when the sun strikes down.

26 Jul

image credits : asis. k chatt

*gamcha is the traditional towel used in bengal, bangladesh.