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hand on the loom again and again, the kid looks on ..

15 Oct


and the chulah in the background where she cooks her food. her utensils worn out after years of cooking. life still goes on, on the loom

image credits : moruoak

love from lucknow. chikankari, an embroidery style.

25 Sep

chikan1image creditschikan2image credits

– a skill more than 200 years old.

impressions of the mind..creations by hand.

1 Sep


images credits

muslin & a lesson in history

19 Aug


Image Credits : — Read the story on this link by Syed Touhid Hassan.

he designed it..the kalamkari, the kantha..and so on..

21 Oct

does he have a name ? Yes. He has. it is a family occupation. They got inspired by life – the ancient epics, verbal stories, birds, animals, vegetables, grains. lessons were passed on from generation to generation. from the older to the younger..they carried it on

picture credits: book:traditional indian textiles.

(not the greatest pictures, but i wanted to feature the designer)