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ghumar..ghumar…ghumar she dances.

3 Nov

 she holds a chari on her head and a lighted lamp is placed in it..

popular in the kishengargh region of rajasthan.

Thank You prerna

…and he had reason to smile. the ‘toran’ decorating the door that he just entered made him feel welcomed.

24 Oct

photocredits : book:traditional indian textiles

The 5 K’s of the sikhs- Kesh. Kanga. Kara. Kaccha. Kirpan.

8 Aug

image credits = larry &flo

kesh = hair, kanga =comb to keep their long hair tidy, kara =steel bangle worn on the right arm.

kaccha =similar to soldiers undershorts, kirpan = warriors sword.

they are literal meanings of the word. these objects hold more than literal meanings in the life of a practising sikh – both men and women.

the turban takes charge?

18 Jul

image credits: kiroo