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india lives in its villages

13 May

image credits retlaw snellac

imprinting their ideas in needle and thread

18 Apr

:image credits

can you recognize which tribe in orissa these women belong to?

super woman in Orissa

6 Jan

image credits  -she depicts – strength, forced resilence, beauty. her baby lies strong in her arms. if she is not a role model than who is ?

“take *notes on how to create an ikat”

13 Aug

image credits:gurdassingh

ikat is one of the traditional weaves originated in orissa.


i wear a *nodi. my head is shaven. it is our tradition. it is our way of life.

18 Jul

image credits Jacques H

*nodi = self woven rectangular cloth less than one foot in breadth and 2-3 feet in length on lower half of the body.