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Uncut cloth: a turban, a shawl, a saree.

2 Apr

In the gir forest, a woman from the maldhari tribe.

:image credits:

Wiki says this about maldhari’s

Coming up.. a glass of chaas and fresh butter.

13 Mar


image credits:the last wanderers by randhawa.

chaas =butter milk /lassi.

chaklas, the rabari womans forte

24 Dec



Do the colors and  patterns compensate for the dreary, arid surroundings as they pass through their nomadic way of living ?

Each pattern is a story. They are the songs and tears of life .

( these images are from a book — i saved the images  and returned the book to the library noting down the author and the book on my paper where i make notes, now only to be missing ) if anybody recognizes the work of the photographers i will credit them.)

…and he had reason to smile. the ‘toran’ decorating the door that he just entered made him feel welcomed.

24 Oct

photocredits : book:traditional indian textiles

..if the clapping of the sounds in unison can make a joyful noise, it is called garba.

8 Oct

image credits:amish_patel

…dandiya raas from gujrat

7 Oct

image credits :brian.glanz