Blindingly Beautiful :pinon khadi from bangladesh

7 May

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Jamdani – Intricate weaves and skilled weavers.

26 Apr


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Read the story of the weavers here

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It takes a decade and more to become a skilled jamdani weaver .

imprinting their ideas in needle and thread

18 Apr

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can you recognize which tribe in orissa these women belong to?

she wears chatta and mundu.

12 Apr

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“chatta and mundu ” is the traditional dress of syrian christian woman in kerala.

shari .. One uncut cloth – many ways.

7 Apr

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..the ombudhu-gajam madisar

7 Mar

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ombudhgajam means nine yard

The Madisar is the style in which the sari is worn by the Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu

tends to the sheep and weaves blankets – from Karnataka, a Gorava

3 Mar

:image credits: Suyog Gaidhani.

The shirt is not part of his traditional garment.

wearing her own weaves is but a dream..

26 Feb

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Tangkhul Naga, Manipur

12 Feb

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"The tangkhul Naga shawl of Manipur is a thick cotton shawl worn by men and woven by women in striking bands of rust and blcack. The bands may vary in width and the ends of the shawl are often decorated with brilliantly coloured extra wefts"  Uncut cloth, by Askari and Arthur, Merrel Holberton Publishers.

Mekhela Chador, traditionally worn by women from Assam

4 Feb

kavita writes on rituals from assam in My room at blogspot. Enlarge her pictures for more Mekhla chadar.

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