..from the garden to your cup: An assamese tea leaf picker.

28 Jan

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P is for Paithani Sarees – A 2000 year old heritage

22 Jan

Image Credits.   Another picture here.

… an everyday chore for many

16 Jan

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kindness for your feet : the kolhapuri chappal.

11 Jan

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in my rush for uploading i have missed the link for image credits. when i find it i will write it back here, but till then please note this image is from flickr

super woman in Orissa

6 Jan

image credits  -she depicts – strength, forced resilence, beauty. her baby lies strong in her arms. if she is not a role model than who is ?

tana bana from chanderi

31 Dec

image credits  … and this is  happening to weavers from chanderi

baluchari saris and story telling go together.

24 Dec

weaved in certain parts of bengal, the weavers weave stories  from the epics of mahabharata and ramayana on the yarn. the art is passed on from one  generation to the other . …today only a few remain. the weavers are the designers and the designers are the weavers.

Read more here :http://colouroftherain.blogspot.com/2008/02/baluchari-of-bengal-sari-or-work-of-art.html

image credits and for more pictures at : the sari shop at portland

weaving in the himalayan kingdom of bhutan

19 Dec

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when I googled I found this

always in mood for a thali – extra curd to beat the heat.

14 Dec

some changes to the plate – no rice, and one more roti.

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thali means plate

Will handloom saris be a thing of the past ?

8 Dec


Both the images from The sari shop. Read the story here