Rural India : This is as real as it can get

3 Dec

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from the limbo clan in sikkim

25 Nov

image credits: sukanto debnath 

..the flower always finds its place.

20 Nov

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 braided hair and flowers , nothing gets as indian as this one.

punjab brings to you phulkari

12 Nov

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abhinaya: an indian art form

5 Nov


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The most beautiful things are created in humble surroundings

29 Oct


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the basket is weaved and so is one of the walls.

23 Oct


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hand on the loom again and again, the kid looks on ..

15 Oct


and the chulah in the background where she cooks her food. her utensils worn out after years of cooking. life still goes on, on the loom

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kandanghi sarees : a gift from women weavers of chettinad

8 Oct

chettinad saris2chettinad

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Hand spun khadi still provides a means of livelihood to a few.

2 Oct



Image Credits : Ina

Khadi, was a sense of pride and a  sign of protest for  the freedom fighters of india. since then it has undergone a change . Read here : Has Khadi found a new spinning wheel ? 

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