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i live in leh. the himalayas protect me and i cover my head in reverence.

23 Jul

image credits: deepti naval

i wear a *nodi. my head is shaven. it is our tradition. it is our way of life.

18 Jul

image credits Jacques H

*nodi = self woven rectangular cloth less than one foot in breadth and 2-3 feet in length on lower half of the body.

the men wear *mundu

18 Jul

image credits :Thaha

*mundu, a white cloth draped around the waist, which covers the waist to the ankles

the turban takes charge?

18 Jul

image credits: kiroo

dress my nose in *nathani, my forehead in **jhumar and bhindi between my eyes.

18 Jul

image credits:kiroo

*nathani =nose ring.

**jhumar =forehead adornements

the swish and the circle continues

18 Jul

image credits: dave halley

proudly wearing a hornbill feather

17 Jul

image credits: partha desarkar

tangail weaver from bangladesh

16 Jul

image credits go to proectos humanistas

the swish, the swirls,

15 Jul

image by the iaac photographer

pure silk saree

15 Jul