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ghumar..ghumar…ghumar she dances.

3 Nov

 she holds a chari on her head and a lighted lamp is placed in it..

popular in the kishengargh region of rajasthan.

Thank You prerna

..if the clapping of the sounds in unison can make a joyful noise, it is called garba.

8 Oct

image credits:amish_patel

“*aamhi deshach manuus” she said in marathi.

29 Aug

image credits:calamur

* translated it means – i am from the village.

“take *notes on how to create an ikat”

13 Aug

image credits:gurdassingh

ikat is one of the traditional weaves originated in orissa.


my fingers in alta, my waist in kamar band, with kajal in my eyes and my red bindi.. it only gets better.

22 Jul

image credits : iaac

jugalbandi of styles :*patola sari draped **navari style.

17 Jul

images by the iaac photographer

*patola sari: sari weaved in the north eastern region of india.

**navari sari: typically a nine yard sari worn in the western region of india, mainly maharastra and karnataka.

*kancheepuram visual feast

14 Jul

picture taken by the Iaac photographer.