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Hand spun khadi still provides a means of livelihood to a few.

2 Oct



Image Credits : Ina

Khadi, was a sense of pride and a  sign of protest for  the freedom fighters of india. since then it has undergone a change . Read here : Has Khadi found a new spinning wheel ? 

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love from lucknow. chikankari, an embroidery style.

25 Sep

chikan1image creditschikan2image credits

– a skill more than 200 years old.

A teacher to her kindergarten class:Who brings the milk ?

6 Sep

milkman2image  credits Royal Enfield


milkman3image credits Indiafullbright

Read: Indian Adventures with Milk by odzer – the rural and the urban perspective.

Amir Mukhtar Mughal posts an image here

muslin & a lesson in history

19 Aug


Image Credits : — Read the story on this link by Syed Touhid Hassan.

Coming up.. a glass of chaas and fresh butter.

13 Mar


image credits:the last wanderers by randhawa.

chaas =butter milk /lassi.

The charkha that helped win freedom.

30 Jan

thecharkhaimage credits

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“I celebrate my independence” says India.

15 Aug

“O, let my Country AwaKe”, prayed Tagore.

let no man go hungry, thirsty or go unclothed or without a roof on his head

let freedom reign and peace unfurl

corruption squashed and Justice served.

keep expectations

create visions

exceed goals

let happiness touch the feet of our people.

and let earth rejoice for your existence, O nation.

India, Let’s keep marching.

” I salute the people with hopes in their eyes and dreams in their hearts

” I salute the people who did not leave the shores of the nation to befriend others

” I bow down to people who work hard

“I acknowledge the ordinary people who live extra ordinary lives

“I salute those soldiers who protect this land, those leaders who genuinely stand up for their nation, but not for themselves

Thank You  Men, women and children  for in its heart, India,  you live tirelessly.”

We reside in every country, but you are my nation.

We celebrate India.